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How will I be contacted to book the delivery?

If your application is successful, the installer will contact you by telephone within 10 working days. There will be a brief survey to confirm your details and how we can access your property. The installation will be booked in once these details have been confirmed.

Can I keep my old appliance as well as the new one?

No. Your current appliance will be removed and disposed as part of the installation. If your current appliance is integrated and can’t be removed we will not be able to install the new one.

Can I have a receipt?

We can’t provide a receipt for your new appliance. Please keep the documentation given to you during the installation.

I have changed my mind and I want to cancel my application to the scheme. What should I do?

We do accept cancellations prior to the installation. Please contact the installer as soon as possible to cancel your delivery appointment and application.

Will the appliance be installed and connected during the delivery?

Yes, it will be installed and connected, and the installer will make sure it works properly. If the connection can’t be completed for any reason, the new appliance will be taken away.

My delivery has failed. Can I rebook it?

Yes, please get in touch with the installer to book another delivery. It will be at our discretion to accept a request of re-delivery after the first attempt has failed.

I had the installation booked but the delivery crew did not turn up. What should I do?

Please contact the installer and a new delivery will be booked in for you.

There was an accident during the delivery, what can I do?

Please report any accidental damage to the delivery crew immediately. Also, you should note this in the documents you sign during the installation. The installer will then follow this up.

Can I change my mind after the delivery has taken place?

Once delivery has taken place, your old appliance will be disposed of. We are unable to return any old appliances.

The appliance has a fault after delivery. What should I do?

Please contact the manufacturer directly. Contact numbers are included in the documents you will have received after the installation. When ringing the manufacturer, you will be asked to provide: your full name, address, appliance model number, appliance serial number, delivery date. The manufacturer will then investigate and resolve the issue at their discretion. If you need any assistance, please contact the installer.

Can I extend my warranty?

Only the manufacturer can extend the warranty. Please contact them directly.

Will this affect my energy bills?

All appliances have a minimum energy efficiency rating of A. We encourage you to look at the manufacturer’s website to understand the impact of your new appliance on your energy bills.